Aftercare Program

The Square One Clinics' Aftercare Program involves structured services provided to clients who have completed an episode of treatment in a component and who are in need of continued observation and support to maintain recovery.

This is the  post treatment support phase of the recovery processes at Square One Clinics. Many in recovery find that sobriety is hardest to maintain early in the process, and gradually grows easier as new habits, relationships, and routines are formed. It is in Square One Clinics’ Aftercare Program that these are healthy habits are nurtured and  supported.

Square One Clinics’ Aftercare Program  was designed to help families and prosocial support systems reinforce a healthy living environment for individuals with substance use disorders. Relapse prevention education and strategies are important in assisting the client to recognize triggers and warning signs of regression.

Activities include individual participation in daily functions that were adversely affected by substance use impairments before treatment.

All Square One’s addiction treatment programs are built upon an evidence-based curriculum that is customized to the client.

Using our superior clinical software —Therapax® we provide superior documentation of attendance and progress for referral sources like Insurance Probation Officers, Courts, Employers, Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs), Airlines, Attorneys, Aero Medical Examiners (AMEs), the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Our Joint Commission Accreditation brings confidence to the detailed documentation we provide.

How effective is our Aftercare Program ?

(1) Eligibility.

Clients who have successfully completed intensive inpatient treatment, residential treatment, day or night treatment with community housing, day or night treatment, intensive outpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, or medication-assisted treatment for opioid addiction are eligible for aftercare services.

(2) Services.

Square One Clinics’ Aftercare services are provided in accordance with the needs of the client as identified in the aftercare plan as follows:

  1. Counseling with a focus on relapse prevention. The treatment team specifies the type, frequency, and duration of counseling services to be provided to clients who are eligible for aftercare. Special care shall be taken to ensure that the treatment team has flexible hours in order to meet the needs of the client.
  2. Aftercare Plan. An aftercare plan is be developed for each client and the plan provides an outline of the goals to be accomplished during aftercare including regular counseling sessions and the need for ancillary services.
  3. Monitoring Progress.  By using our superior clinical software —Therapax® Square One Clinics monitors and documents the progress of the client involved in aftercare then reviews and updates the aftercare plan to determine the need for additional services. Clients are monitored with respect to attending appointments, potential for relapse, and results of counseling sessions and other contacts.


Going to a treatment facility is the first and most important step for many in their recovery, but it is only one step. The 30 to 90 days most individuals spend in a treatment facility is only a very small period of time compared to the many years that follow in recovery. For many, adjusting to life after rehab proves more challenging, especially the loss of the Square One Clinics routine and the reappearance of external factors and influences.

Square One Clinics’ Aftercare program allows the client to continue receiving therapy and counseling after leaving treatment which is extremely critical. It is generally advised for newly recovering individual to attend weekly sessions, gradually reducing frequency to bi-weekly and monthly as time goes on and their recovery is more secure. Therapy and counseling are especially important for recovering clients with a dual diagnosis with an additional mental health condition, who need treatment for both.

Luckily, Square One Clinics is tuned into resources in the community that help recovering alcoholics thrive without their vice and stay sober. We assist our clients find tools and many steps that people in recovery can take themselves to minimize the likelihood of relapse.

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